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Give people the confidence and freedom to smile and to show a better self.

Tootsee aims to make clear aligner treatment accessible for all. 100% online service means the products come at an all-in, much lower price than regular orthodontists or other clear aligner therapies.

As a new business Tootsee wanted to create awareness of the new brand by getting online visibility and generate qualified leads as soon as possible. In the second phase launch a complete webshop and online treatment service. The target audience consist of self-conscious, fashionable females between 25 and 45 years of age.

Tootsee webshop on mobile instagram page on tablet


– Strategy & concept
– Service design
– UI/UX design
– Visual design
– Projectmanagement

Phase 1

Online visibility and generate qualified leads. The initial idea was to build a temporary one page website where user could leave their details. But we managed to deliver more…


Only 2 months after the project started, the webshop was launched and customers could order the first product; the Home Impression kit. By answering a few questions and leaving their email address, users could find out if they are eligible for the Tootsee smile improvement. At the same time a social media campaign was launched. This gave Tootsee the opportunity to promote the product via social media adds and promotions. 

How it works visible on a imac

Phase 2

In the second phase the goal was:
– Convert more leads into customers
– Improve customer satisfaction through improving and expanding online services
– Reduce costs by streamlining and automating workflows and tasks
– Optimizing the workflow automation
– Boosting the mobile presence


The Tootsee treatment has become a complete digital experience. Via their Tootsee account customers can view their 3D scan and treatment plan, order their aligners and get 24/7 support. Every two weeks the customers can upload images for the online check-up. In the backend all the customer details are available for the dentist to monitor the progress of the treatment. The webshop was expanded with all the products supporting the treatment.

To convert more visitors into customers, the eligibility check (30 seconds test) was adjusted. After filling in their details, customers immediately get the result and can order the home impression kit to start their Tootsee journey. Also, the option to make an appointment for a 3D scan was added.

By adding Trustpilot and the thuiswinkel waarborg label, the product became more trustworthy to customers, which resulted in more sales.

With the increasing number of customers, the need for workflow automation became higher. The emails to the clients about their check-up have been automated and the dentist also receives notifications when the customer has uploaded all necessary details for the check-up.


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